Technology in coaching and contributor to Forbes.com

Do you need to know how your company compares to its competitors as to how it uses technology in coaching as an advantage? Do you not know to meet startups that can help you to leapfrog your present technology status? Do you want to know where to start?


From apps to platforms, virtual reality to AI, technology is already disrupting coaching. The changes have been led primarily by clients within large organisations who are looking to deliver a better experience for their people, monitor their investment and getting coaching deeper into the organisation than just the C-suite and senior executives.

The adoption of technology in coaching 2019 surveys Learning & Development and HR leads in corporates and public sector organisations to measure the rate of change. The barometer is produced by me and first presented to Converge'19, the International Coaching Federation conference in Prague. It is also a topic I write about as a contributor to Forbes.com. I'm also highly networking with startup founders, many of whom are looking to develop their product with organisations like yours.