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I help bring teams together through workshops to build culture and structures, to generate new insights, to shift behaviour and to align to a common goal essential for scaling and transformation.

Leaders' coach - 1-on-1 and teams

  • I coach transformational leaders like you in fast-growing business.

  • I listen assertively, ask open questions, challenge and give feedback so that you gain new insights into yourself as you lead your team, colleagues and stakeholders.

  • You will see your own personal leadership style develop as you become more aware of the impact of your own behaviour on others and yourself.

  • My clients are leaders in corporates and education, founders of rapidly scaling startups and accelerators. My coaching style was formed with former colleagues in a corporate, particularly with women and LGBT wishing to progress, and in London and Amsterdam’s start-up community.

  • I spent 23 years in a FTSE 250 global media company, first as an award-winning editor of magazines then a business leader with my own P&L, both in the US and Europe, an advocate for transformation, particularly technology, and an EMEA division board member.

  • I’m a frequent public speaker and presenter who is highly networked in the media, exhibition, corporate, technology and start-up communities: a regular judge for both business, innovation and media awards: a published author: commentator for both TV and radio.

  • I am a contributor on leadership for and an advisor to and judge for the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards.

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