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John Welsh, terrace 2, photo by Phil Edw

leaders' coach helping startups and corporates to learn one from the other

John Welsh

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Hello, I'm John Welsh. Here's what I do

what I can do for you

What do my clients say?

"John is very good at helping me think through tough business challenges and after a session I always walk away with a solid plan of action.


"He’s also terrific at reflecting what he notices back to me, which has helped me learn more about how I tend to make decisions and what I need in order to create an environment (outside of coaching) to be effective"



"John's extensive experience of business at a senior level brings a deep understanding of the topics and meant the sessions flowed, fuelled by his pertinent and challenging questions. The sessions closed with real outcomes that could be applied to my business."




"John pushed me to expand my horizons, become more self-aware and go through a complete introspection - how I manage, interact and work with other people and colleagues.


"Those were eye-opening sessions where "why" would be the favourite question asked that required me to go deep, think my answers through and make an effort to communicate it back in a coherent manner."




"John has an uncanny knack of putting his finger on the emotional or strategic core of an issue. hrough a structured series of sessions, thoughtful questioning and awareness techniques, he has guided me to find my own solutions to problems. When I think about the people in my life who have had the most profound impact on my personal development, it is John."



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What experience do I have?

I am a leaders' coach who works with transformational leaders in high growth corporates and rapidly scaling start-ups. We create the space for the leader to reflect on their leadership or a business issue.

Whether it is a deepening of the leader's self-awareness or the steps to deliver a plan, I use questions, informed by my experience as a business leader, and listening, a skill developed through managing teams diverse in function and geography, for the leader to come to their own solutions.


I spent 23 years in a FTSE 250 global media company, first as an award-winning editor of magazines then led teams experimenting with technology, both in the US and Europe, to achieve a better experience for our readers and visitors, and an EMEA division board member.

As a P&L holder, I delivered profitable revenue, sustainable product launches, customer-facing and enterprise technology, transformation, innovation programmes and people development.


As an advocate for technology transformation, I engaged with startups in London and Amsterdam, introducing their ways of working, such as build>measure>learn to my teams and colleagues.


It was inevitable that when I left corporate life in 2017 to set up both a solo coaching practice and work with Aim Higher Leadership, as an independent associate coach, my client base would be the founders of startups, those leaders in corporates tackling transformation and accelerators.

A frequent public speaker and presenter who is highly networked in the media, exhibition - for example I was a contributor to Forbes,com - corporate, technology and start-up communities: a regular judge for both business, such as the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, innovation and media awards: a published author: commentator for both TV and radio



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